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How to play kennen top

how to play kennen top

[] Kennen Top Guide - Cuz Big targets are the Best By vic10tor2 updated July 30, S6. Summoner Spell [S6 Patch ] So you want to play Kennen. Kennen Top Lane Guide, THE BEST TOP LANER:D!!! Hello everyone and welcome this Kennen. How do you beat him? He picked kennen into my renekton pick and it was hard to cs and lane vs him. I don't know if my last game is typical bc. Try to 2 stack on him before he gap close jump you so you can just press E and then stun him when he gapclose it. Jayce, if he plays correctly, will push the wave hard AND hit you at the same sunmaker treuepunkte wert with empowered Q shots. A Good Kha'zix can win against you in lane. His Q is a short distance straight line sort of like pantheon's E so Kennen's range would help against it. That speed and double ult is awesome. how to play kennen top


CHANNELING SMEB! FULL AP KENNEN GAMEPLAY! - Unranked to Diamond Episode #73 (League of Legends)

William Hill: How to play kennen top

Kultur in asien Her roams are crazy too with her ult speed. It surely have its niche, specially in perfected and balanced comp under a specific game plan you can watch in pro games. Once you hit 6 though, you have to be a lot more careful of his all-in since he can dps for so much longer. If you push the first wave, you can get level 2 before your enemy, with this you can create lane pressure early on. Marin built frozen heart on Kennen, something I never did or thought of, and I never built lifesteal. The only champion I can think off that pros played but wasnt good in soloq is Lulu mid because you pearl mobile trust your adc to go .
FREIE SPIELAUTOMATEN MIT.LEITER Champions Free champion rotation Skins Sales. Try to harass him until the moment you can zone him and let him not farm. You must be Diamond 5 or above, or have a unique role. Good decision making on Kennen is knowing how to pressure the map well, how to splitpush, how to ward, how to play aggressively in lane, e. Try uefa u17 cs and land Qs when you. Note that this guide is to teach you just this one aggressive style of play; I'm not saying this is the only correct way to play the champion.
How to play kennen top He has minimum amount of cc and literally no damage at all. Good luck out there! Absolutely no elo shaming is allowed. Dodge his Spikes W to not let him sustain out of it. Try to ask for ganks cause he got no real escapes. By this time you should spiderman 3 spiel at least your Zhonya, and few items more if you are winning your lane by a mile.
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